Robot Wars! Prepare to be amazed!

This was one of my favorite shows of all time, and it is one of the things that got me interested in technology alltogether. To those of you who have not heard of this show, let me go over the basics.

The Basics

In Robot Wars, there was the arena where robots would fight eachother in one-on-one combat, the trials and the gauntlet. After Season 3, the gauntlet was removed, and replaced with more robot battles. The trials remained but only as kind of a side-event. They too were removed later on.

But the robots didn't just have to look out for eachother... There was also...


The Houserobots were:

Matilda: Pig-like robot with chainsaw and flipper-tusks. Chainsaw was later replaced with a big flywheel.

Shunt: Looks like a mini-bulldozer with an axe on top.

Sgt. Bash: Military-looking robot with a flamethrower on top and a big claw in front.

Dead Metal: Started out looking like a scorpion, but was later changed to a crab-like robot. Armed with a saw and pincers in the front.

Sir Killalot: He was really big and looked like a knight. He is the mascot for robot wars in my opinion. Had a big claw and a lance.

RefBot: The "Judge" of Robot wars. He was made to free robots who got stuck and, later, count out immobilised robots. He was equiped with a fire extinguisher. (Some robots caught fire really easy.)

Season 1: Matilda, Shunt, Sgt. Bash and Dead Metal appeared.

Season 2: Sir Killalot introduced.

Season 4: RefBot introduced.

Later three other Houserobots were introduced...

They were: Growler (Dog-like robot) Mr. Psycho (Big guy with a hammer, I have no idea how to describe it.) and Cassius Chrome (Robot with Boxing gloves. Uhm...?)

Season 6: Growler and Mr. Psycho unveiled.

Season 7: Cassius Chrome appeared.

Continuing on...

Season 1 started out with a gauntlet. The robot with the worst performance was eliminated. Round 2 was a trial. It varied from Robot Sumo to Robot Football. The robot with the lowest score/time (depending on trial) was eliminated. Round 3 Robot vs Robot. Season 2 was just the same. Season 3 removed the gauntlet and the Trials from the main competition, and it was now Robot vs Robot only. Season 4 introduced Three-Robot-Battles. Season 5 removed Three-Robot-Battles.


Time to look at some of the battles!

Wheely Big Cheese vs Axe-Awe: Season 5

One of the quickest battles ever. And keep in mind, that thing weighs 99KG!


Chaos 2 vs X-Terminator 2: Season 5

Chaos 2, reigning champion and the first robot ever to throw another out of the arena! Man... Even when the weapon jams they are still unbeatable! Chaos 2 was my favorite...


Gemini vs The Creature: Season 4

Gemini, the first cluster-bot to enter Robot Wars. And... The Creature... Useless.thumb|left|300px

Anyways, the show was great. And I promise... There is A LOT more to see...

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