• Shadow Hunter XT

    This game has gone "under the radar" so to speak... It seems that a lot of people missed this game. That is a shame, because this game is pretty awsome.

    I don't really remember much of the story since it was a long time since i last played it, so excuse me for any mistakes I make. Look at the trailer, because it certainly explains more than I can:

    You play as *Insert name here* (I can't remember his name. It begins with R I think), a soldier with cyber-prostetics-thingys (or something) and enhanched combat capabilities. The story is about you fighting along side a military force of enhanced human soldiers (the Alliance?) against the side consisting of genetically altered humans (the …

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  • Shadow Hunter XT


    February 7, 2011 by Shadow Hunter XT

    Hey everybody! I'm here to tell you about what is going to be happening here at my blog.

    I am going to start of by saying that I intend to review a couple of games from here on. More specifically, my top 10 favorites! For information on which games they are; see my home page.

    Also, I want to say that I've been busy with school lately and haven't been able to put up any DS Motivational Posters, or continue Ishimura: Nightmare. I am open to ideas concerning my fan-fiction, since my head is filled currently with math, english, the periodic table of elements and a lot of other unnesseccary stuff. So feel free to post anything that crosses your mind and I will see what I can do about it.

    -Shadow out-

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  • Shadow Hunter XT


    Finally the long-awaited game is here! I got the Limited Edition no less!

    And I am here to tell you what I think of it.

    I love it. I suppose thats no surprise, so let's just get to why I love it.

    Well the cover doesn't tell very much, and not the manual either. It says a lot of things about the items and such, but really it was the first game was what got me so hyped about it.

    The game starts up the same way that the first one did; a silent start-up screen followed by a video-log and you running away from necromorphs.

    I found Chapter 10, where you return to the Ishimura, to be the creepiest of all in the entire game. I'm going to be serious, it looks even creepier now.

    I also found that the best way to defeat regular …

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  • Shadow Hunter XT

    Hey, people!

    Here are some Motivational Posters for Dead Space. I will make more in due time. I hope you enjoy them.

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  • Shadow Hunter XT

    Is it possible for an Infector to create another Infector, or can they only be created by corruption, because I haven't read or heard that they can anywhere. Infectors seem to have missing heads, so is that the reason for it?

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