Dead Space


Why there hasnt been any more DS: Independence chapters posted

Hey guys, i havent forgot about the story....its just that my life has become dark and depressing and every moment of every day i feel like just destroying everything i set my eyes on......

i mean, how can of the rare nice guys in the world keep getting my heart broken repeatedly over and over makes me think that there's nothing else that a woman can do to me because ive been stabbed in the back and had my heart ripped out continuously. Honestly, i find that simply bullshit......

Sorry for this, but i have to vent somehow...i know probably most of the people in here are gonna start posting comments telling me to "Grow the fuck up" or "Be a man",,,,honestly, each and everyone of you can go to fucking hell for all i care....i need friends to support me, not assholes who take advantage of kicking me while im the end, sometimes, i think i dont belong in the world....i never did and i probably never will.....anyway, ill get to posting the newest chapter as soon as i can, so when i do, check the chapter 6 post......

all i really need is a good girlfriend that wont fuck me up emotionally, physicallly ( because stong emotions affect me physically), and pychologically. Is that to much to ask for?

Ryuzaki93 18:06, April 12, 2012 (UTC)

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