aka Ryuzaki Jaime

  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on February 8
  • My occupation is Aspiring Writer and Game Developer
  • I am Male
  • Ryuzaki931

    From August to December, i havent been on this wiki....not because i dont play Dead Space Anymore, that would be wrong to me, but because my problems were escalating and i needed a break from everything and everyone in sight.....i have missed everyone on here that used to talk to me and give me words of encouragement like RAMAR and Parax and Maddog1230........and also the random anonymous person......

    if youre reading this now, im happy that you are giving me your time and without further delay.....Chapter 7......

    Chapter 7: Fight or Flight

    How we got out of there is a wonder to even me, much less John and Jennifer. I looked around where we were and tried to gather my bearings as well as my breath.  “John, you ok? “

    “Yeah, that was some crazy f…

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  • Ryuzaki931

    Its been a while since i was on this wiki......Ive had a million things happen to me since the last time i posted the last chapter of my dead space story and just didnt find the time to be able to come on here and release my creative

    I miss all my friends on here and with that, i invite you all to add me on facebook or just msg me here to talk.....

    my name on fb is Eugenio David Jaime and the pic should be of me in a red collar shirt holding my the end, ill be posting the brand new chapters of the story for the masses to read.....

    Peace, Guys and See you Soon xD

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  • Ryuzaki931

    Finally, it has arrived XD

    After my Semi-Hiatus, and everything basically going to hell over the span of the last few weeks, i worked long and hard to flesh this chapter out....the only regret i have that it isnt my usual two pages...but im not going to dwell on that. So, I hope you guys enjoy this short but meaningful chapter of JR's struggle.

    Chapter 6: Truth or Death

    Keeping my Plasma Cutter trained on the “Overseer”, I pulled out the rock from my shirt and dangled it in front of me. “What is this?”

    “That is what makes all this possible, that is our genesis, which is the great and powerful Black Marker.”

    “Black Marker? Like that thing outside?”

    “No, completely different…the Red Marker outside is a flawed copy. The Black Marker is 100% pure.”


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  • Ryuzaki931

    Hey guys, i havent forgot about the story....its just that my life has become dark and depressing and every moment of every day i feel like just destroying everything i set my eyes on......

    i mean, how can of the rare nice guys in the world keep getting my heart broken repeatedly over and over makes me think that there's nothing else that a woman can do to me because ive been stabbed in the back and had my heart ripped out continuously. Honestly, i find that simply bullshit......

    Sorry for this, but i have to vent somehow...i know probably most of the people in here are gonna start posting comments telling me to "Grow the fuck up" or "Be a man",,,,honestly, each and everyone of you can go to fucking hell for all i care..…

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  • Ryuzaki931

    Hey guys, i will post this tomorrow...ive been working on it nonstop but i dont think that ill be able to post it by the time i get, you'll have to check back tomorrow on this post and i should have the next chapter posted, ready to read XD

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