I decided to make this blog like in order to add other scenarios because those are not the only things that could happen.(the consequences of your actions will be posted as a reply)

1. Get your priorities straight

as if necromorphs weren't enough, your stuck conserving ammo, no food, no water, and the location your in is about to decompress. you see off in the distance an armory, food services, and a ravaged general store. the area is 10 minutes from decompressing and the locations are too far apart. What do you do?

  1. Head to the armory, ammo is the key to killing
  2. head to the food court, ammo can be found anywhere
  3. the general store, you can find small but enough amounts of both

2. You were lucky

You were one of the very few survivors of the USG ishimura outbreak and have gotten the same job as Gabe weller, when the time of the sprawl outbreak began you hade to decide to either

  1. Terminate the key subjects, orders are orders
  2. Escape with a few survivors, fuck the rules
  3. Aid isaac with his escape, stop the unitologists

3. Life or limb

You have been trying to escape, you've come across multiple others who have needed help but had no time. You arrive in the government sector. you see 3 people (a teenage girl, around 12, a small boy, around 5, and a woman) they're each being attacked by necromorphs, your weapons, a pulse rifle, seeker rifle, and contact beam

  1. throw the woman the pulse rifle, contact beam the boy's opponent, and barely save the girl
  2. leave all of them
  3. save the children as the woman has just become a puker

4. the world, a cruel place

you have multiple people with you to get out of the sprawl, three men wielding a plasma cutter, rivet gun, and contact beam. five children around the ages of 10-6 and two women, one missing an arm and one with a seeker rifle, your attacked by a tormentor and the men tell you to get the children in the gunship. The women with the missing arm is going insane and killed the guy wielding plasma cutter

  1. kill the bitch and save the kids, she asked for it
  2. kill the bitch and deal with the tormentor your self, the others dont stand a chance
  3. stasis her and escape with everyone, LIVE BAIT!!!

5. the only way

You find a rare enzyme that can kill the necromorphs, you've met isaac earlier and decide to go find him. You discover him laying by the marker(the battle against nicole) he looks as if he's going crazy.

  1. end his misery, he looks in pain
  2. wait for him to awake, he cant try anything with no gun
  3. leave him, stop the outbreak yourself

(this list is incomplete for me running out of ideas it will be completed at a later time)

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