Dead Space


Enhanced Divider

Reignfire October 22, 2010 User blog:Reignfire

Might as well try out the blog. Here's an idea I came up for an Enhanced Divider. You would come into a room full of dead bodies missing heads, arms, etc... You'd then hear the bellowing of the Divider, but when it shows it has darker skin and glowing eyes. Like other Enhanced Necros, it has more health than the standard version, but still breaks apart. Instead of attacking you, the components attach themselves to the dead bodies replacing the missing limbs to create an army of 4 or 5 corpses. To "kill" the corpses, you have to severe the attached limbs. Once all the bodies are used up, or if you smashed them up before the Enhanced Divider separated, the components would attack you like a regular Divider.

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