• Razr459

    Hey, guys. I'm sure I'm not the only one still wondering what happened to Nathan McNeill, so I made this little bit of fan-fiction to temporarily fill the void. I was thinking of doing 1-2 chapters a day, just to pace myself, as well as to see if you guys like the direction I'm taking. I'm also willing to take any constructive criticism in order to help make this story as good as it can be. So, without further ado, here's Dead Space: The McNeill Chapters. Hope you enjoy.

    "…I want the key subjects terminated and the facility scrubbed. This is not a drill." Those are the very first words Nathan hears as he wakes up. "What…what's goin' on?" is all he can get out through the grogginess. His vison is blurred. He can barely move, but manages to s…

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  • Razr459

    More Necromorphs in MP

    March 20, 2011 by Razr459

    One thing about DS2's multiplayer that I found disappointing was the lack of Necromorph variants. There were only four Necromorphs in MP, five if you count the AI-controlled Slashers. I think there should've been more, maybe unlockable variants that you get as you level up. Here are just a few I think should've been in multiplayer:

    Infector: unlocked at level 5. The Infector is able to…well…infect other corpses scattered throughout the map to create more Slashers. Its attack is the same as in the campaign, hopping on its victim, trying to stab him with its proboscis.

    Exploder: unlocked at level 7. Although very weak, the Exploder can be a powerhouse if used correctly. Its attack is its signature kamikaze explosion, able to hit multiple enemi…

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