this seems to be a predominant theory, I personally dont like this theory because it ALMOST completely ignores the fact that the markers produce a dead space . . . But I will not lie this theory has merit, and I figure I have to discuss it.

the theory goes thus, the convergence event is the compilation of necromorph biomatter into a hivemind . . .

There are different varients to the theory, but the typical idea is the the Ubermorph is the precursor to the hivemind.

One variation I heard is that the ubermorph was actually nolan stross, that his exposure to the marker shards made him the nucleus to what would be the hivemind, that Isaac Clarke would have been necessary for the hivemind to completely form. The theory is that the maker of the marker is needed to form a hivemind (I DISAGREE read below)

Now there are two specific problems with this theory, and here are two suggested work arounds.

problem 1

the dead space, the fact that the markers have shown the want of necromorph dead. my theory is that the necromorphs are not a controlled aspect, but rather just a method of acquiring biomass. That the dead space prevents damage to the marker by the mindless necros

problem 2

if a marker maker is needed to form a hivemind then were did the hivemind come from on Aegis VII I ahve a different theory . . . Someone needs to have been exposed to the marker and not go completely insane, they needed to have a positive response. The typical human mind is to primitive to grasp the marker, so it needs one that can grasp it and understand it to an extent, one that is able to resist going insane . . . there is a candidate for this on aegis VII . . . . . Natalia Deshyanov looking at the events serrounding her, and the character herself lends credibility to this theory

thats all i gotta say

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