• Ralok

    Dead Space is what I like to call . . . a cramped universe, it is a universe like doom, resistance, red faction, or the blade films. It has no aliens, it actively destroys worlds, and humans are not extremely varied. Thus there are a limited number of stories that can be told!

    This isnt a bad thing, and I am about to explain why dead space has the greatest storytelling engine of all these types of universes.

    It breaks down too two factors, human coverup, and marker induced insanity.

    The way the markers and humans function in this universe, means that no matter what continuity errors exsist beetween the works. They can all be part of the same universe, any continuity errors easily attributed to the insanity of the characters or the coverup by…

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  • Ralok

    this seems to be a predominant theory, I personally dont like this theory because it ALMOST completely ignores the fact that the markers produce a dead space . . . But I will not lie this theory has merit, and I figure I have to discuss it.

    the theory goes thus, the convergence event is the compilation of necromorph biomatter into a hivemind . . .

    There are different varients to the theory, but the typical idea is the the Ubermorph is the precursor to the hivemind.

    One variation I heard is that the ubermorph was actually nolan stross, that his exposure to the marker shards made him the nucleus to what would be the hivemind, that Isaac Clarke would have been necessary for the hivemind to completely form. The theory is that the maker of the mar…

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  • Ralok

    Theory 3:Control

    February 11, 2011 by Ralok

    Now my new theory, and the one that i believe most is that the markers are some alien forces method of controlling life upon a planet.

    Basically it would have two functions, And that hte two intertwining halves of the markers each produce one of these functions.

    function one would be to protect life upon planets from necromorphs to ensure that the life develops normally. The DNA markings are part of the system that it would use to repel, suppress, and potentially destroy these creatures. The red marker would be flawed in that it embodies this function primarily.

    the second function is the extermination of life via creation of necromorphs. The convergence event is the restart button, whiping out life and starting the process over from the begi…

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  • Ralok

    The necromorphs are not the most evil force at work here, the necros combat the marker, they didnt want isaac getting to the marker in dead space 2, they dont want fresh corpses for the convergance event . . . they are combating the marker

    The marker oesnt create the necromorphs, the necromorph pathogen is loose infecting people but only activates when they know a marker is present. They are a sleeper army ready to combat the evils of this alien device

    this alien device wants to recreate its original creators by harvesting life. The dead space is necessary to combat the necromorphs, this is why the red marker was more benevolent in the first game . . . it was helpless it wasn't big enough to protect itself from the necros . . . it needed us. …

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  • Ralok

    Contemplating the Markers

    February 5, 2011 by Ralok

    I have yet to beat the first dead space, yet I feel the need to contemplate the seemingly contradictory nature of the markers.

    They seem both responsible for the necromorphs, but wanting the necromorphs destroyed.

    Thus far it seems the necromorphs were created from experimenting on the markers, copying DNA and creating new 'life' from DNA found imprinted upon the marker. There seems to be instances though of the markers creating necromorphs.

    The original black marker though does not seem to have created necromorphs.

    It is my current conclusion that the markers created by man are unstable and do not function as the original black marker was intended to function. but what WAS the original intention of the black marker, and why would it have the …

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