The story of Salvage picks up in between Dead Space and Dead Space 2. The story begins when a group of illegal miners known as Magpies are looking for minerals in the Aegis System. They are aware that the entire system is under a Government blockade and that they cannot escape. As they prepare to shockpoint to another part of the system, the ring experiences a glitch and instead transports them to the location of the USG Ishimura. After boarding the ship to see if it can be salvaged they awaken the dormant necromorphs and after recovering shards of the Red Marker start to loose their minds. The crew is gradually killed off until one of them remains.

Needless to say, this story was very good and would be a worth while addition to any Dead Space fanatics collection. One of the more interesting aspects of the graphic novel was the art style. Instead of a hand drawn settings and characters the ones in Salvage looked like real people and almost seemed to be water-colored onto the pages. Overall the story was good and I felt satisfied with the way it ended. Although I would love to see where the remaining Magpie survivor ends up given the Governments hunt for any individuals with knowledge of the real events in the Aegis system. What do you think?

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