This is the first blog I create so ill probably mess everything up... anyway:

The other day I realised I am not yet 100% sure of whate creates the mutations than turn corpses into necromorphs. Try to follow this:

First Way --> The marker signal changes living creatures DNA to match the <Mutation Agent> DNA (the DNA code stored in the marker) creating a necromorph from an apparently healthy human/animal. This has been stated and confirmed if I am not wrong.

Second Way --> Collection of chunks of infected organism flesh/ corruption/ samples of the <mutation agent> and insertion of them in living subjects. This was made by Grote Guthe (check spelling) in Dead Space Martyr and by Challus Mercer when creating the Hunter (check if I made any mistake here), so its confirmed. NOTE: the infection of living subjects seems to work only under certain conditions)

Third Way --> Infection of dead flesh (corpses) or infection of living beings that are then killed and only the mutated by the <mutation agent>. This happens with most of the necromotphs found everywhere.

Fourth Way --> Injection of <mutation agent> on dead body by infector. Also confirmed.

(...other ways I might have forgotten...)

So we pretty much now how it works so, my real question is: What exactly is this muation agent? Is it some kind of virus (like all zombie games/Resident Evil/Dead Rising/ Prototype/ etc), is it a bacteria (I read some speculation about this somewhere but no real evidence ws shown) or some other type of micro organism?

I think noone ever said much about this particular topic and I kinda want to know because something in me finds it wrong that all games of this type use the same excuse (a virus) so when I read about the bacteria I was relieved but want to know what you think.

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