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    The Mutation Agent

    February 9, 2012 by RAMAR

    This is the first blog I create so ill probably mess everything up... anyway:

    The other day I realised I am not yet 100% sure of whate creates the mutations than turn corpses into necromorphs. Try to follow this:

    First Way --> The marker signal changes living creatures DNA to match the DNA (the DNA code stored in the marker) creating a necromorph from an apparently healthy human/animal. This has been stated and confirmed if I am not wrong.

    Second Way --> Collection of chunks of infected organism flesh/ corruption/ samples of the and insertion of them in living subjects. This was made by Grote Guthe (check spelling) in Dead Space Martyr and by Challus Mercer when creating the Hunter (check if I made any mistake here), so its confirmed. NOTE:…

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