Well, guys, I'm tired of it, and so are many other users on this wiki.

The user known as Unus Mundus (Special:Contributions/Unus Mundus)has been harassing users constantly on this wiki. I have looked at his contributions, and he hasn't contributed whatsoever to the wiki. Go ahead, check his Contribs and select "Main"; you'll find nothing. Now, check out his blog comments; 99% of them are insults. See, he has a hatred for fanon on this wiki, and every time he comes across one, he starts insulting it and the author. His lack of helping the wiki and instead choosing to constantly insult people whenever he comes on is what is known as "trolling".

So, this being said, I request a ban (at least 3 days to a week)for the following:

  1. Harassment of users/personal attacks
  2. Trolling
  3. Driving users away (few of the people he's insulted still edit here)
  4. Having no helpful contributions whatsoever
  5. Being a bad example for the wiki

Now, Admins, believe me, those reasons are all eligible for a ban; trust me, I'm an Administrator/Bureaucrat on several wikis and have created two of them myself; I know how hard it is to deal with all the complaints about users like him, but he needs to be banned.

Admins, if this doesn't convince you that Unus needs a break… a long, long, long break from this wiki, I don't know what will.

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