I was playing through Dead Space 2 again, when I peered into an overflowing sink in Chapter 2, and saw what appeared to be thin chunks of meat floating around. But these were not any regular chunks of meat, and were actually wriggling and twirling around, like they were trying to swim. I dubbed these little buggers "roots", and classified them as a variation of the swarmer, but similar to the corruption. I don't have any picture available, as I didn't have my Hauppauge recording at the time, but you can see for yourself, if you choose too. In Chapter Two, you will encounter two survivors, one screaming about her mother. In the room being referred to, is a Puker and an overflowing sink.

"Roots" have not been seen anywhere else, as I did not pay much attention to it, but I assume they make appearances in other locations. Maybe they're just pieces of the corruption that are meant to contaminate the water supply, as Wheezers were meant to do to the air, but I'd like your opinion on this, as I think they could be attributed to the Corruption page, or even have their own page, if not that farfetched.

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