A while back I had an idea for a death scene. Not a mind-blowing one but something interesting nonetheless. I feel that the possibilities for creative deaths at the disposal of the Pregnant were not explored deep enough, and as such I believe that listening to this idea could get your mind going on some very creative death scenes. The situation unfolds as detailed below.

The Pregnant inches closer to Isacc as his R.I.G. delivers one of its final warning flashes of deep red light, one of the few sources in the vicinity. The crimson-like color bathing the room is not unlike that of the crimson liquid to bathe the floor within moments. The hulking mass unbeknown to Isacc is prepared make the ultimate in unnecessary sacrifice. The preparations were not made just to be thought over. Raising a scythe-like blade to the ceiling the monstrosity brings it down with great momentum slicing a diagonal cut along its entire stomach cavity. Light yet haunting screams can be heard coming from within the bowels of this creature's stomach which is now beginning to burst at the seems. Small finger-like appendages; razor sharp around the edges are clawing at the skin fibers, which to Isacc's horror are the only barrier between certain life and death. As the first Swarmers begin to spill out a squelching sound can be heard. It is a kind of sound a mentally-healthy human being doesn't imagine ever assaulting his mind. At this point, both blade-appendages are forced down to crucial areas in Isacc's body. A blade penetrates the lower back, narrowly missing the spine, while another makes contact with the shoulder-blade, shattering it instantly. Excruciating pain emanating throughout his body, Isacc is limply raised from the floor on which he lied, skewed on the blades. The horror hadn't been fully realized until this very moment. Isacc finds himself thrusted inwards towards the stomach cavity. Breaking the thin tissue's hold, Isacc is lodged within the beast as terror possesses him. The light screams are amplified to Loud shrieks as blood is spilled onto the floor and is sprayed onto the abdominal area of the host. Isacc's screams can barely be heard over the chaotic sounds of splashing blood, rearranging organs, snapping bones, and the haunting shrieks of the Swarmers. Aware that the threat has been successfully dealt with, the Pregnant discards of Isacc's remains (a tattered lower portion sans a moderate amount of flesh). Stray Swarmers seize the opportunity of a free meal on what remains.

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