Chapter one: "RUN!!!!!!" I said as i fired my pulse rifle at the creature. I shot it's head off and it was flailing it's arm's around killing the creature's around it. "Beth get that door open!" I said. "Shit,I'm trying!" She said. She finally got the door open while the creature's reached me. "Gah!" It slashed at my arm, barely hitting me. I used stasis on it real quick so i had enough time to get through the door. As the door closed I fell on the floor panting. "Well, that was a close one!" Beth said. " Yea" I said, " were are we anyway?". "A emergency security room, there's ammo all around here." She said as she picked up a pulse round and stuck it in her inventory. I grabbed a Javelin gun and some spear's, while she grabbed a Contact beam. This should be enough to get us to the shuttle's." "Let's find another route though." As soon as we were about to take the back entrance out I recieved a transmission from Tiedman. "All surviving unit's head toward the Government Sector and guard the Bulkhead door's from attack. Tiedman out.". "So we capture the shuttle then head to Government Secter?" Beth asked. "I guess so, and we have a better chance of surviving there with all those unit's around." I said. "No, Those thing's can plow through anything! They took out the gunship I was on, killed the rest of the squad!"

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