Dead Space

  • Oddzomboh

    Chapter one: "RUN!!!!!!" I said as i fired my pulse rifle at the creature. I shot it's head off and it was flailing it's arm's around killing the creature's around it. "Beth get that door open!" I said. "Shit,I'm trying!" She said. She finally got the door open while the creature's reached me. "Gah!" It slashed at my arm, barely hitting me. I used stasis on it real quick so i had enough time to get through the door. As the door closed I fell on the floor panting. "Well, that was a close one!" Beth said. " Yea" I said, " were are we anyway?". "A emergency security room, there's ammo all around here." She said as she picked up a pulse round and stuck it in her inventory. I grabbed a Javelin gun and some spear's, while she grabbed a Contact b…

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