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Noemon April 19, 2012 User blog:Noemon

Hi everyone!

After testing and creating for almost a day, an amount of time which I had not expected, I am happy to announce you that I have given a radical makeover to our Main Page! :D

The main reason why I did it, other than the fact that I always had it in mind, was that over the last few days I have seen at least a couple of other wikis which have adopted our main page's looks.

Our main page should have a unique look , so behold! :D.

This is how it should look. As you can see I tried to make it look like the games' UI, so that it'd have a "Dead Space-y" feel.

Chrome users may need to clear your cache (Control+F5) to see the result.

Also, if you people see anything broken let me know, and take a screenshot as well, it'd help immensely. Right now I am aware of a "bug" (or rather a peculiarity with the way Chrome renders some rules) that appears on the right border of the "Help Us" box. It looks fine on both Firefox and IE though.

So, I hope you like it! Cheers!

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