Holy shite, on PS3 the devs have allowed us to play our own music on the background :D I don't know why it hit me and tried it out to see if it would work, but I'm glad that I did !

Aah, Arch Enemy's Nemesis makes everything seem so easy. The moment the intro kicks in you are like 'fuck yeah, give me all you 've got now game!' .

I wouldn't recommend it on a first playthrough though, cause the tension will go out of the window :P It will make Hardcore easier however, at least for me :)

Cheers! --Noemon *talk* 07:30, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

(P.S. if you are gonna troll and tell me that the Xbox already does this, let me spare you the typing and ask you to tell me something I don't know :) )

(P.S.2 I'm gonna try out some J. Strauss while playing the game, results should be interesting :P )

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