Well, who would have told.

I single handedly and unwillingly ceased(?) the existence of (most) fanfiction in this wiki.

All I did was to mention the GNU Free Documentation License which is applied on almost (if not every) wiki project and all hell broke loose. I never said that "somebody wants to steal your creations, BUGA BUGA!!", and I don't think that anyone here wants to anyway, that's false information. Even if somebody did, the same license, forces them to attribute you as an author (see Conditions).HOWEVER, just because the license forces them to, this doesn't mean they will.

People, keep this in mind. Once you upload something on the internet, especially on sites with such loose terms over what's your intellectual property, you shouldn't take for granted that it's "yours" anymore.

To sum up my thought, I honestly don't think anyone here will steal your stories, BUT what I said in the paragraph above is something you should consider before uploading stuff over the public domain.

That said, there are sites, like deviantart, that you can take some measures to ensure your ownership over what's yours <shamelessslefpromotion> see this for example </shamelessselfpromotion>. Or you can always build your own website, and upload your stuff there. Learn some web coding, it's not difficult and you'll be amazed on the things you can do :)

And, to conclude this longer-than-expected post, personally, I don't want fanfiction on a site that's supposed to be an "encyclopaedia" of some sort. Nor all those repeated blogs of "what would you create" and "who would win" etc. Especially the latter, they have been redone and repeated so many times, the only thing they do now is just spam the activity feed and make it difficult for someone to monitor changes over articles.

If I am not mistaken there IS a fanfiction wiki that serves this exact purpose. So, why not use that?..

And one piece of advise: It's the internet, unless your job has something to do with it, you don't have to be so serious about it.

Εις το επανιδείν! - Noemon *talk* 21:15, June 14, 2011 (UTC)

P.S. any news on when the image upload mess is going to be fixed?

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