I know action-adventures tend to sell more copies and make more money, but I want a true survival-horror game out of the next Dead Space. I've gotten used to having plenty of ammo and health coupled with plentiful upgrades for extremely powerful weapons across many different games. Some examples are Resident Evil 4 and 5, Gears of War 1 and 2, the new Fallout games, as well as the Mass Effect series. Action-adventures are great, even better when they are designed into RPG's, but I have never played a true survival-horror game (I was pretty late to the video gaming bandwagon). The closest I've gotten is watching a playthrough of Dead Space, which I felt truly captured the type of game I am looking for.

Don't misunderstand me, I love Dead Space 2 and it is a candidate for my game of the year, but the moments I enjoyed most were when I got the proverbial s***t scared out of me. One of the best moments in the game was the first level where you are CONFINED TO A STRAIGHT JACKET and are running for your life.

I understand the need for progression and the satisfaction that comes from developing your character into a total bada**, but in DS2 (at least on Normal Difficulty) it seems that you're always super-powerful. In that sense, I want enemies that are borne of nightmares, and I want them to be incredibly fast and deadly. This would justify the large amount of resources given to the player (I love the looting aspect of Dead Space).

To summarize, I am looking for a new game with: 1. Uncompromising audiovisual quality 2. Extremely polished gameplay mechanics 3. An engrossing story 4. True survival-horror.

Maybe the problem lies in desensitization? After playing all these games, it becomes second nature to pick up a controller and start mowing down enemies, and this detracts from my sense of immersion. Ironic, since Dead Space was desgined to be a completely immersive game with no HUD and the inability to pause the action while accessing menus. Chalk it up to becoming extremely picky with increasing experience. I bet this is how industry critics are created.

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