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    May 9, 2013 by NewMarker


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    I`m working on a Dead-Space-RPG-Fangame and need ideas for new Necromorphs (for example a new behavior like the mummification), new hallucinations, ideas for a new type of Necromoon in DS3 and other stuff. Hope you can help me.

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    This will be the last game of my Dead-Space-fan-Trilogy.

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    "Dead Space RPG - Fall of Persephone" is my new dead space-fangame. I had used the RPG Maker XP. If you want to play it, you will  find the download-link here. For playing you need the RPG Maker XP (down there, last download-link).

    But it´s a German game.

    -  gameplay time: 3 hours
    -  difficulty levels: Normal, Hardcore (you can change it in the game)
    -  five suits
    -  minigames (hacking terminals)
    -  areas in vacuum
    -  action- and horrorlevels
    -  creative dead space-story
    -  Hive Mind - endboss

    Hope you will enjoy it :) maybe someone wants to translate it into English?

    After Dead Space 3 I want to publish the last game of this trilogy.

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