Reviews for You, by Necromorph-X


Alien, every horror Sci-Fi fan knows it, and they adore it. But what is it that makes the Xenomorph so special? Necromorph-X takes you into the dark and lonely corners of the galaxy, where the Xenomorph Ridley Scott created and loved.

If you are a fan of the series, you'd know this, but Alien is a film with non-stop, heart-pounding Action, and every corner, evry turn for that matter, could be you're death. But as I said, why is the Xenomorph so loved? This creature is no ordinary horror-monster, like the t-Virus Zombies from Resident Evil, but more like the Necromorphs - they are special. They have several features that differ them from rivalling Horror-Monsters, and this includes it's weapons and defense. This creature can take out undeniable amounts of Humans and even Predators without the need o Weapons! This is because of it's body. Acid for Blood isn't very common, and often in films it causes a few plot holes where the Acid doesn't burn, but Alien has been well designed with no plot-holes and no lack of imrovement for their innards. This blood is amazing, as you can't sample it, you can't keep it in a jar in a lab, no this stuff burns thorugh anything but the Xenomorph. Then we have the case of the Mouth within a mouth. This is pure brilliance, as it's tounge (As some call it) will thrust out with a strong and dangerous power "headbiting" the victim's forehead it punctures, killing them instantly. This makes the Xenomorph sound weak, some would say, as they would say "All they have for Defense is a tounge?" When they don't see the genius of them. These things kill to live. They have a strange creature called a "Facehugger", which will grab a host and impregnate them, laying a young Xenomorph in their Guts and Chest.


Escape is impossible...

The Xenomorph, as shown in the image above, has no eyes whatsoever, with parts of it's muscle exposes through tears in it's arms and legs. Their ribcage is partly exposed, with not much skin on it, meaning that the creature has perfect protection for it's innards inside it's chest. It has a long, armoured tail for Defense and strong arms and legs, and can seed within any creature. Seeding within a creature means it will gain characteristics from it's host, for instance the Dog Alien or PredAlien.

This creature is both startling and beautifully designed, making me wish I would create a Xenomorph Vs Necromorph Fan-Fiction, which you may see in the future. Now, examine the beautiful Xenomorph itself in this image gallery.

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