Recently I saw that Blood of a Necromorph was not taken well. This is dissapointing to me as I spent alot of time trying to come up with a story and describing the enviroments and Settings. However, it's now that i decide to Rewrite the Third Chapter, the poorest of them all, so that I may Improve upon it.

Fixing it Up!

Anomonyous User simply Said "no" for Chapter 3, which could've been more specific. If I am to Fix up the Story i need you - yes you, to tell me what could be improved and such.

Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling

If anything happens to be a mistake in the story - Spelling o Punctuation-wise, the it's my Keyboard/ Computers fault. The keyboard has recently been very glitchy and full of bugs, causing the slightest mistake to be made and I will go on without notciing. If there is a mistake, inform me and I will alter it to it's proper standard and place. Puncuation and Grammar Mistakes? Simply suggest how the sentance can be improved and I will Fix it up the best I can.

Story Notes?

If the story is not good enough, I am very sorry. I have spent alot of time and work on this story and on previous less discriptive adaptions on forums it was liked alot. If theres a problem with the story, I will fix it best I acn, but I'm not going to change the whole plot into something else. Sorry, but that's that.

Characters and Personality

Admition: I cannot recreate a Character to his or her exact standards as he or she is in the proper thing. The characters will have differences and there will be bits that they are seriously fucked up on. If you see this, tell me how I can make them more like they are in-game/ film. For instance, if somebody spoke formal and I write their speech informal then tell me and give an example sentance.

Credit for you!

If you help me and correct me then I will put you down in a Credit-like area and thank you for the help on changing it to be better.

Thanks for reading, Necromorph-X 19:25, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

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