aka The man with coffee

  • I live in somewhere
  • I was born on October 10
  • My occupation is Creating charecters,creatures,and learning the infobox
  • I am a person
  • Necrocoffee

    Just so you know

    August 25, 2012 by Necrocoffee

    Just so you know I will be changing my username.And if you can I cant seem to edit infoboxes!

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  • Necrocoffee

    This is the man of create.Right now he wants the best death scene in the pack.If this goes on for a long time.(180 comments) i will reward you.Now try to make the best death scene! (expires 12/12/12 at 12:34am)

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  • Necrocoffee

    I think you know by now but this one you should take care like the original but these dont have to nececarily kill you exactly.Nor will it have to be dangerous.Because of the server,this is to do ANYTHING basicly.Now lets do the usual shall we?

    user recognized
    enter password:********

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  • Necrocoffee

    Like with the base necromorph machine's instructions,etc., Use this machine with EXTREME caution!These created necromorph's will kill you definetly! Make sure the contact Isaac clarke is with you to kill this necromorph in case it gets out of control! If a necromorph cant be stopped,well......your dead.And i would have to tell you to write a will. :)

    ‚Äč user recognized enter password password:********
    access denied! try again! password:******* correct password
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  • Necrocoffee

    Welcome to the necromorph machine.Enter your created necromorph 's name into the box and with the name give the apperence,attack,and death scene.You can add other things into the box and type in the answer.

    user recognized. enter password:*******
    password correct, enter your idea.

    machine activated,

    USE with caution! Read more >