( this is just pure speculuation I dont this for sure but I think) Ive figured it out , I think know how a hive mind is created, when a convergence event is triggered by a marker (like the convergence event in dead space 2) it disassembles bodies and breaks it down into a fleshy material (corruption/habitat changer) it then sculpts into a hive mind. There are many hints throughout dead space 1 and 2 here are some examples: 1. in dead space and dead space 2 a phrase is uttered to isaac through dementia messages created by the marker "make us whole." 2. in the last boss fight with the nicole hallucination, when the marker breaks apart after hitting nicole a certain number of time a shadowy monster can be heard and seen making the same noises,roars and actions of a hive mind. 3. when the convergence event begins necromorphs can be seen float in into the air crumbling into peices as they get closer to an unknown location near the marker, they could be used to form organs, bones, flesh, limbs e.t.c to make a hive mind. 4. when the ubermorph arrives its face and body resembles that of a hive due to its dark brownish skin tone, 5 red eyes (which resemble the organ sacks on the hive mind mouth)and exposed ribcace. and also when isaac gets closer to the marker it gets angrier and it method of finishing him off seem more orthodox and planned . below this text are pictures are unrelated to this theory I just put them there for fun . thanks for reading please feel free to place a comment on my blog I would love to hear feedback from other dead space fans... Thanks Necro Boy

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