So I finished dead space 3 a few days ago and the actual "Truth" behind C
DS3 Brother Moon 01

Tau Volantis' Brethren Moon after the battle with Issac (and Carver).

onvergence simply blew me away. I always thought it was the hiveminds that were controlling the necromorphs but no. (BEWARE SPOILERS OCCUR HERE DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED DS3) The whole meaning behind "Make us whole" is that the moon that was in orbit above tau volantis was actually a gigantic incomplete necromorph due to the assimilated alien race flash freezing the planet as a safety precaution, This massive creature is known as a "Brethern Moon" . Convergence didnt create hive minds as people previously assumed it created a necromorph of epic proportions.

Not only did the Brethern Moons create the markers they influenced the human race and other species into replicating already constructed markers to speed up the the assimilation process of that planet or colony. What was also revealed is the markers werent the source of the marker signal the gigantic Brethern Moons were the ones broadcasting the signal the markers were only receiving it.

I think this was the icing of the cake this plot twist really caught me by surprise and I end this blog post with just a simple question : What did you think of the brethern moon plot twist ? and if you didnt what would you have done differently storywise ?

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