Hello. Hola for those who don't understand :D.Here are my ideas for a new custom weapon in Dead space 3(multiplayer). It is called as the corpse/necro shooter. This rare and "meaty" revolver has been crafted from a normal plasma cutter and covered in infected flesh. But instead of a shooting plasma bullets it shoots nercotic flesh(of some sort). Its primary fire uses streams of flesh and blood of every necros you slay. Its secondary uses packs of flesh(like the ones of the cysts) that homes its target. Looks awesome for me. Another one is called dead piercer its like a pulse rifle of some sort. 'A mysterious rifle allegedly able to pierce anything that comes in it's way, with accuracy exceeding any other rifle in the world. It was rumored to be created from the bones of the remains of earthgov soldiers that were not able to survive during the first outbreak. If you listen closely, you can even still hear the loud cries of the dead it has claimed. Beware, if you see anyone who wields this weapon, then it is likely that you will have nowhere to escape. well it shoots like the pulse rifle compared to fire rate and can easily decapitate necros. It's primary fire is like the pulse rifle but instead of using bullets it uses corpses. Its secondary fire uses spikes (like the lurker) but fires more slowly.The rig is like this ----------------->
Corpse Carapace
Please describe it in the comments (add its abilities if you want)

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