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  • MtxDevin

    I LOVE customazation in multiplayer and single player so I hope there will be some customazation in DC2. I assume there will be a rank system and then you could get better RIGs and maybe get Power Nodes at each lvl and use them to upgrade your gear. But you'll get limited nodes so your character will be unique. Even if they don't have anything like this or different RIGs I bet you will be able to change the color scheme. What do you think? Oh sorry if devs already annouced any of this stuff just bought the first Dead Space a few weeks ago and I'm on Chapter 7 so not really looking for information on DC2 exept what is on this Wiki.

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  • MtxDevin

    My first fanon novel please tell me what you think.

    "It's dark, the doors are locked, and we're alone. Oh and Shirley is listening to rap music while we sit starring at monitors. Lewis Harrison out." "Yo, come on brother we like music too." Greg complained. "Sorry mate. Commander might here it." Shirley said. Lewis pulled out the mic plugs. Greg gave him a high five and started dancing to the beat. Suddenly our commander walked in and Shirley quickly turned of the music. "Yeah I really didn't hear the music that the USG Ishumira Bridge Security where playing in their headquarters." he said half angry and half joking. "In all my service I've never meet a team of more idiots as well as hard workers. He chuckled. "Anyway, we have an important …

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