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Mrgod11234 February 1, 2011 User blog:Mrgod11234

If any of you could make a Necomorph for the Dead Space Series what would it be called,what it can do,how it was made,it weakness,would it be a boss or a normal enamey,If it's a normal enamy would it strengh come in numbers or what........
And what role would it play in the furture Dead space 3 say that if you want to.
One of my NecroMorphs are the MutipleMorph(A boss) It start as this HUGE NecroMorph then you damage it anough it goes into a samller form about the size of a Male Tripod then a form about as big as a Stalker then a form as big as a member as the pack.
Another one is the serpentmorph(Boss and there are smaller normal enaymes ones) it a BIG Necromorph that shaped and looks like a snake.There are smaller mini bosses versions also.

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