Dead Space

  • MrWhite325

    Part 1: A Giant, Flying, Hell Hole

    "My name is Victor Bell, and two days ago I was your average technician with a dinner date."

    Chapter 1: Better Days Ahead

    "You wanna know what sucks worse than routine matinence? Routine matinence in the water processers." Though this was the tenth complaint in under five minutes, Cole was right. The Ishimura's water systems were a massive series of tubes, purifiers, and pumps in the bowels of the ship beneath Hydroponics. Mantinence of this area was a pain. Pipes were always leaking. Pumps failed. Valves were constantly degrading. It was more than Cole or Bell could handle, and hell, Bell wasn't even an engineer, he was a General Technician.

    "Darren, the more you complain, the more time this takes, and…

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  • MrWhite325
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