As i was walking into the barracks from the cafe i had to kill 6 necromorphs there were ten bunks, So i jumped on one and shot one in the eye. Hell of a lucky hot but then another one knocked the frame down and i rolled past them and kept running as i pasted a door i hit the close command and one tried to cawl through so it split him in half ! Then they started to tea at the door and broke in so one by one they came in so one by one i killed them. After that i took a elivator to a really big ass tower there i was assulted while in the elevator ! A big muscleular necro he riped of the elevator wall and i began to shoot at him which only made him bleed and hate me he went to punch but i dogde to the right he jabed again, to tired to move i just fell and on the ground i saw the cable he was hanging on and shot it as it broke though he grabed the hanging one just as we hit are destination so it began to pull the elevator up even when it wasent on! Sudenly the elevator shakes i look out to see what happened and there were now tow hanging on as i fastly aproached the top! Top of the elevator haft was made of glass so as we hit it it broke and i was sent to space but before i flew to far i propelled off the elevator to send me twards the ship there i just used my built in magnetic boots to hang on and walk. As i was running out of air i broke through i side window into a office of a man named Pedro Garris course he was dead but he left a text slate on the desk the blast door closed and i was safe for now. ( renember mesage me on youtube if you have quetions MrGouldHost

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