Im So ashamed as i was leaving the vent, a group of six necro mophs were changing bodies by stacking there corpes in a pile they came at me so i ran away. I lost them but then i walked into a room conected to the same hall there was a large window veiwing the hall and a door on the front side so i went in and i saw canisters of gas and another vent. In front of a desk was a corpse with its arm raised on the computer the computer was on auto un and replayed a mesage that said " to anyone hearring this in the room this vent connects to are 7 civilions traped by a group of 12 necromorphs beating at the door i cant kill them but if there all ready converted you need please end them." looking at the camera footage on the screen the were hundereds of bodies of both sides and still more coming in so i did a he said. The gas was highly flamable so i let it into the vent and as it seeped into the room i used my plasma cutter to ignite the flame and killed at least thirty but...... i felt bad about cremating there bodies. Ive learned the hard way that necromorphs come in diffrent forms. I ran into this one that looked like a a human but with no legs it was crawling with its hands and its face was split into three. I killed it by simply running into a storage room which was about as big as a high school gym. There still hanging a gaint crate hung so i threw boxs to keep in distracted and ran to the crane holding it as soon as i gained control i pointed the crain twareds him and let go. Heavy measures but i didnt know what to do. it was 12:00 pm before i ate my first meal in days i was in the cafe and all the bodies and creatures were dead and gone i was alone. But there was still some food in the fridge so i ate some ocean vegies and some beef i think. (make a note that this is a big ass ship he only in the military part of it so even though there are cities there he haent gone there yet thanks for reading)

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