Dead Space


Another Day in hell

Today wasent normal. Today i ran into a little boy he was crying in the corner of a room and as i went to to talk to him. He raised his head flung out his claws and began to charge. He jumped fo my head but i dodge. Scared out of my shit i ran for the exit i opened the door then tried to shut it and it came down on his head it was about to let up but i shot the door panel causing it to go heywire and decapitate him. As it turned out i was in sector c of the troop barracks and there arre only for sectors. As i i walked to the docking bay of the sector i saw no ships but some marines that hadent noticed me. Six of them were shooting necromorphs and the rest were draging the bodies in a pile so they could burn them i almost cried to see although corpse burn and thought to my self. (that could have been me) as i pressed on they saw me thinking i wasent in danger i threw down my weapon and put my hands in the air. But they fired anyway didnt realize they were bad but i ran away any way i hid behind a pilllar that was to my right then ran to get behind a door for people monitoring air trafic. they quickly began to shoot at the exposed office but i ducked under the desk and found another plasma cutter. I stood up and fired three shot one landing in a marines arm but many more were still moving. I couldent win so i ran into a near by hall vent that i found while running there after me im all alone i guess.

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