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June 11, 2012
  • MrGouldHost

    Time for Death

    June 21, 2012 by MrGouldHost

    I Shot the mechanism that holds the blast door up and it came down and me and Eleana ran away. After infultrating the holding space of the marker there was still a army of dead to push through. The room was massive the size of a country town and it was flooded with necromorphs! We wanted to run but marines were behind us so we charged in at the same time the dead were heading twards us at full spead! We waited till they were a canister of paint away then we fired, first shot of mine hit it in the face and it spun to the ground. Her shot blasted it stone dead in the face bursting its head. As too many got closer the marines came and unloaded hell they shot of a minigun and six Pulse Riffles. And more were so we pushed and hit are way even k…

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  • MrGouldHost

    After Shock

    June 19, 2012 by MrGouldHost

    I learned that they made a marker. My whole crew died because of that thing and ive pledged to destroy it. I have no idea were it is or how to defeat it but i have plans to get rid of it. There are nuclear weapons in the arsenal so my plans to go there. on my way down to the infernary which is seven miles away from the arsenal i was confronted by a girl named Eleana. She told me she knew how to help so i followed after alot of convincing and she helped cure the necromorph dementia from me! After things were much clearer i was able to kill six necromophs without breaking a sweat. We ran through the docking bay in the arsenal there were like fifty necromorphs and marines so we shot the glass that seperated us from space. sucking everyone out…

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  • MrGouldHost

    Another Day in hell

    June 17, 2012 by MrGouldHost

    Today wasent normal. Today i ran into a little boy he was crying in the corner of a room and as i went to to talk to him. He raised his head flung out his claws and began to charge. He jumped fo my head but i dodge. Scared out of my shit i ran for the exit i opened the door then tried to shut it and it came down on his head it was about to let up but i shot the door panel causing it to go heywire and decapitate him. As it turned out i was in sector c of the troop barracks and there arre only for sectors. As i i walked to the docking bay of the sector i saw no ships but some marines that hadent noticed me. Six of them were shooting necromorphs and the rest were draging the bodies in a pile so they could burn them i almost cried to see alth…

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  • MrGouldHost

    The Roof

    June 15, 2012 by MrGouldHost

    As i was walking into the barracks from the cafe i had to kill 6 necromorphs there were ten bunks, So i jumped on one and shot one in the eye. Hell of a lucky hot but then another one knocked the frame down and i rolled past them and kept running as i pasted a door i hit the close command and one tried to cawl through so it split him in half ! Then they started to tea at the door and broke in so one by one they came in so one by one i killed them. After that i took a elivator to a really big ass tower there i was assulted while in the elevator ! A big muscleular necro he riped of the elevator wall and i began to shoot at him which only made him bleed and hate me he went to punch but i dogde to the right he jabed again, to tired to move i j…

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  • MrGouldHost

    In to the fire

    June 14, 2012 by MrGouldHost

    Im So ashamed as i was leaving the vent, a group of six necro mophs were changing bodies by stacking there corpes in a pile they came at me so i ran away. I lost them but then i walked into a room conected to the same hall there was a large window veiwing the hall and a door on the front side so i went in and i saw canisters of gas and another vent. In front of a desk was a corpse with its arm raised on the computer the computer was on auto un and replayed a mesage that said " to anyone hearring this in the room this vent connects to are 7 civilions traped by a group of 12 necromorphs beating at the door i cant kill them but if there all ready converted you need please end them." looking at the camera footage on the screen the were hundere…

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