• Metaron Isard

    Last night for whatever reason, i decided to take a look at the aforementioned wiki. It was just on line with my expectations, select fawned over articles that have more security measures then they have for Obama, personal talks about how deep and beautiful their relationships are with their imaginary blood-god, an army of fangirls ready to rip the face off of any who utter such blasphemies as "Man, he aint real". An ongoing series of blogs all titled "who's hotter", loose cannon admins and sociopathic 13 year olds.

    so ive come in, and i see the Edward Cullen page, now i aint a vandal but i just couldnt resist. so i put in a couple stupid words, removed some fan worship, and added a quote from Borat. And lo and behold, tens seconds after my…

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