Dead Space 63 by DeadXCross

"Daryl?, what's wrong?"


First Name: Iya

Middle Name: Unknown

Last Name: Bane

Weight: 110 pounds

Height: 6 feet (6'0)

Homeworld: Titan

Species: Human (Caucasian)

Gender: Female

Date Of Birth: 2480 (Approximate Age: 27.)

Place Of Birth: Titan Surveillance Systems.

Date Of Death: None

Place Of Death: None

Equipment: Plasma Cutter and Level 2 Engineering RIG (Later Upgrades to Level 4 Engineering RIG.)

Hair: White

Eyes: Green

Skin Color: Light Tan

Notable Facts: Aided Daryl Greenfire in his cure for the Necromorph infection. Helped Daryl Greenfire escape from the Hellfire, escaping with him.

Affiliation: Is only on Daryl's side.

Weapon Of Choice: Plasma Cutter

RIG Of Choice: Skin-Tight Intermediate Mining RIG.

Most Hated Necromorph: Seducer

Family: Abicus Bane (Sister)

In A Relationship With: Daryl Greenfire.


Iya Bane is a mysterious woman Daryl meets before the infection of the Hellfire, warning him of something that could endanger his life. As Daryl denies her, he is later attacked by his fellow crewmembers and is forced to suddenly trust her, but how did Iya know about the attack? How does she know the Necromorphs weak-spots BEFORE she even fought them? It appears as though Iya is hiding something, and this secret of hers could endanger Daryl's life as well as her own.

Dead Space Sexy Back Pencils by monkey0toe0man

Iya Bane created by monkey0toe0man on

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