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  • I live in Tustin, CA
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is Drawing
  • I am Male
  • Maxxthewolf

    Skyler M. Creetre

    July 13, 2012 by Maxxthewolf

    First Name: Skyler

    Middle Name: Malix

    Last Name: Creetre

    Nickname(s): Green, Greeny, SMC, Sky, Captain Creetre.

    Weight: 140 pounds (240 with RIG equipped)

    Height: 6'0 (6 feet and 0 inches)

    Homeworld: Earth

    Species: Human

    Race: Caucasion

    Gender: Male

    Date Of Birth: 2484

    Place Of Birth: Creetre Mansion

    Date Of Death: None

    Place Of Death: None

    Equipment: Firefly RIG (Advanced and Security versions) DSMBR Teacher RIG, DSMBR Graduate RIG, Firefly Plasma Cutter, Firefly Pulse Rifle.

    Hair Color: Brown

    Hair Style: Short, right side-sweeped hair with tiny bits of hair in the back.

    Eye Color: Green

    Skin Color: Light Tan

    Notable Facts: Joined DSMBR. Graduated DSMBR. Became a Survival teacher for DSMBR. Killed the High-Breed. Obliterated multiple Marker fragments. Survived several Necromor…

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  • Maxxthewolf

    The HUB

    June 15, 2012 by Maxxthewolf

    Like dismembering Necros? Still crud your pants when a Lurker comes from a vent? Welp, don't worry, your not the only one. Here at DSMBR, we'll teach you the basics on how to eliminate Necromorphs as if they were flies. Experiment with new weaponry in the Testing Facility, fight life-like simulations as well as fellow recruits at the Training Deck, hang out with your buddies and possibly even meet some famous members in The Lounge Area, and even have a quick rest at your very own Quarters (We also provide King-sized beds for the lovely couple.) Want to join the fight? Post a comment below stating you (or your character's) name, equipment, height, weight, home-world, physical appearance, and who your currently in a relationship with (just so…

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  • Maxxthewolf

    The Hybrid

    June 12, 2012 by Maxxthewolf

    First Name: The

    Middle Name: Necro/Human

    Last Name: Hybrid

    Weight: 288 pounds

    Height: 8 feet 4 inches (8'4)

    Homeworld: None

    Species: Necromorph/Human

    Gender: Male

    Date Of Birth: 2509

    Place Of Birth: The Hellfire (Operations Room)

    Date Of Death: 2509 (depends on player's choice.)

    Place Of Death: White Marker Hanger (depends on player's choice.)

    Equipment: Claws, Fists, Tendrils, Tail, and Blade.

    Hair: None

    Eyes: Blood Red

    Skin Color: Grey and Black (If the player takes an evil path during the game, the Hybrid's skin will turn a whitish grey, as this represents the Hybrid being with the White Marker. If the player is righteous, the Hybrid will have Dark Green skin with some black splotches, stating that the Hybrid is on the Green Marker's side.)

    Notable Facts: Fought against…

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  • Maxxthewolf

    Iya Bane

    June 10, 2012 by Maxxthewolf

    First Name: Iya

    Middle Name: Unknown

    Last Name: Bane

    Weight: 110 pounds

    Height: 6 feet (6'0)

    Homeworld: Titan

    Species: Human (Caucasian)

    Gender: Female

    Date Of Birth: 2480 (Approximate Age: 27.)

    Place Of Birth: Titan Surveillance Systems.

    Date Of Death: None

    Place Of Death: None

    Equipment: Plasma Cutter and Level 2 Engineering RIG (Later Upgrades to Level 4 Engineering RIG.)

    Hair: White

    Eyes: Green

    Skin Color: Light Tan

    Notable Facts: Aided Daryl Greenfire in his cure for the Necromorph infection. Helped Daryl Greenfire escape from the Hellfire, escaping with him.

    Affiliation: Is only on Daryl's side.

    Weapon Of Choice: Plasma Cutter

    RIG Of Choice: Skin-Tight Intermediate Mining RIG.

    Most Hated Necromorph: Seducer

    Family: Abicus Bane (Sister)

    In A Relationship With: Daryl Greenfire.


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  • Maxxthewolf


    First Name: Daryl

    Middle Name: Albert

    Last Name: Greenfire

    Weight: 130 pounds

    Height: 6 feet and 3 inches (6'3)

    Homeworld: Mars

    Species: Human (African American)

    Gender: Male

    Date Of Birth: 2480 (Approximate Age: 27.)

    Place Of Birth: Bakersfield, California.

    Date Of Death: None

    Place Of Death: None

    Equipment: Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, Rivet Gun, Remote Control Disc Launcher. (Main) Triage Security Suit, Hazard Engineering RIG, Elite Engineering RIG, Advanced Unitologist RIG, Scorpion Level Engineering RIG. (Main) All other suits.

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Blood Red

    Skin Color: Mild Brown

    Notable Facts: Destroyed a ship full of Necromorphs (The Hellfire). Cured himself of the Necromorph infection. Destroyed a White Marker by himself.

    Affiliation: None

    Weapon Of Choice: Line Gun


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