• Mateus Rodrigues

    So, i'm not sure if annoyone else noticed that ,it seems like none did,at first i though it happened with more than one necromorph ,but :

    On chapter 2 of Dead Space 2 the one where you walk around the apartments and see a bunch of people running and dying. There is this scene where a woman screams "NO ,I'M NOT LEAVING MY MOTHER!" and a man drags her away ,or something similar, and a necromorph jumps in front of Isaac ,its just a slasher , you simply rip it appart and loot it ,and move on to a nearby appartment door,everyone did that.

    But here is this thing ,go back to the body ,or try to find its head if you happen to have cut its head off. and look at it , and you will see the 5 eye like things around its fairly-human-not-yet-so-deformed…

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