• MasterM


    May 3, 2010 by MasterM

    An envoy for where I can drop off my designs for future DSLF pages, covers, and promos.



    The WIP for the eventual survivors of DSLF

    If you don't see yourself and signed up then plz tell me before I complete it.
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  • MasterM
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  • MasterM

    This is not the official ART!!

    Well, I've encountered a new problem that is not fixed might derail this whole comic endeavor. Using Manga Studio instead of corel I came to realize manga studio was far superior in terms of quality and ease in the area of comic making. I used to us corel to make comics but it was very hard and tiresome. However, the problem I'm having to adjusting the size. Unlike corel where I could just click resize Manga studio has a far more completed manner in doing so that I haven't figured out yet. If I can't solve this problem soon it might not be worth drawing out tiny pics that will crappy quality zoomed in.

    Chp 1: Asinine Arrivals

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  • MasterM


    January 24, 2010 by MasterM

    Get ready this summer for Dead Space: Lost Files. Action, horror, progressive stupidity.....

    You want your place in it? Then signup today!

    • Please note all signees will suffer a horrible ,painful, dismembered death...
    • Please also verify if you'd like to be referred to by you username or real name.
    • Please also note that if you have a specific way you'd like to be drawn then please send a pic of yourself or any fictional character(nothing too trippy) you'd like to be drawn as in the comic.

    My Email:

    To contact the lead writer that please contact Haegemonia for any questions about the script or story.

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  • MasterM

    Okay so technically it could use a little bit of work, but this is basically finished. I'll still work on it from time to time, but everything from now on will be superficial. Subs! Do your thing and try to add the Dead Space Wiki logo, if you need me to email to you then tell me! BTW feel free to download this pic if you'd like and add your own edits or logo.

    This will act as the promotional poster to Dead Space : Lost Files.

    The following are shown:

    • MasterM
    • LBCCCP
    • Subtank
    • Haegemonia
    • Nightmare Hobo


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