My exams are coming!!!! It's like it was a week ago and now it's tomorrow. (moans) again. And my mood isn't helping either. I'll just do this in a list way.

  • Moody and it's not caffeins fault.

I fell so moody today!!! Not to mention my slight fever. It had to happen today... Umhhh maybe I'll have some chocolate!!! And that's what I did. I finished up a kit kat bites and another kit kat chunky bars. Awesome... and later on I had a headache which gradually worsen a massive nausea ( i'd like to call that loss in mood of reading...)

  • Colliding supernova of books...

It's a little different if you live in a muslim country. Because we have two separate schools. Basic knowledge and a must our religous school. Lately the exams are colliding and I don't know why? And to make it all fu@#d UP, they have this new study system called SPN21 which makes all our H/W and C/W counted as marks of our next exam. Wait, it also counts for the next two years.

To be honest, I'm not that worried to much. But.... my friends... they suck... who's GOING TO PASS along with MEEEEE!!!!!! my close me... they don't have the best results.

  • Eat while you still live...

There is one good thing happening in my life. I finally mustered the strength to ask my dad for a.... DQ!!!!!!!!!! And it taste so awesome half of my bad mood was gone!!!!! Gone like the ice-cream... It just shows that life's little pleasure's can just lift you up. Huhhh, I wish their was a DQ mobile.... or maybe an ice-cream stall around the school maybe. And i'll be the happiest student in the school!!! Not that anyone was happy about the exams anyway.

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