Here are several things I'd like to add about my country. I suddenly felt umhhh.... boasting. But it's not that. I just want tell you guys that we Bruneians are the same people just like canadians and africans, but as a Bruneian myself I felt like I lived in a barbaric world. Hence these are several notes. Also with pros and cons

Bad Things

  • Bruneians are ranked in the top 10 most fanatic countries.
  • We eat with our hands.
  • Bruneians don't easily changed their routines. Exams are coming and all I see are my friends are with tibia on their faces. I just hope they have macular degeneration.
  • No one even knows what sarcasm is...
  • We have no or little respect to our teachers.
  • I hate girls... Not necessarily though, some of them are my closest. Due to advanced entertainment in the country. Kids just take it in rather that filtering them first.
  • H1N! highest in Asia... by PERCENTAGE!!!! hahahah
  • People take friends for granted. Not my friends..
  • Go into the restaurant and BOOM, 6 pairs of eyes looking at you.
  • Burning forests.

Good Things.

  • 300,000 people. My country is slightly larger than Singapore.
  • People connect with each other and they stick up for you.
  • Oil prices never rise..
  • We don't have taxes.
  • Smoking is banned.
  • Every two months we have school holidays for a week or so. Since we don't have summer holidays.

I guess that's it. There's more though but it's just in the corner of my mind. All I just need is something to reach it.... maybe a shovel or something. GET IT.... GET IT.... :>

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