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    January 11, 2010 by Magistret

    This is the next story based on another character. Eventually they will have to meet so keep updated.

    Chapter 1: Lust
    Rig status: Very good, slight signs of stress.
    Date and time: 15 November 2613, 14:31 am
    Location: Ishimura Ship.
    Panic. That was the first thought Alex had.
    The second one was. Survive.

              Alex ran towards the door, cautiously looking back at the three lurkers which was now catching up towards him. Their grotesque bodies twisted from their appendages and their large fangs ready to try and take a bite of him. Alex could almost make up their previous bodies if he twisted and pulled it off and maybe use super glue or duct tape.

    But now they were just creatures hungry for meat. And so he ran towards the door gasping, it was far…

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    January 10, 2010 by Magistret

    Hello everyone, some of you may have recognize me, while some of you have not. I haven't been back due to one reason. Hard drive failure. I'm sure you know.

    This is a story I made on 5 people who will become the survivors of the Ishimura so enjoy. Oh yes I will be publishing 6 other more, so keep updated.

    Chapter 1: Will

    Rig Suit status: Excellent

    Date and time: 15 November 2613, 13:05 pm

    Location: Ishimura mining ship.

    Raymond walked through the now dark corridors of the Ishimura, darkened by the flickering lights and smeared by human blood. The smell was distinct and strong, and he swore there was a hint of urine.

    Strange enough there were no amount of bodies which could match the countless gashes of blood. And plus there were no bodies.It were…

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    Blog interests

    November 9, 2009 by Magistret

    Well first... my exams are almost over!!!

    and second, I have found several interesting facts on other wikias.

    Before that, I found out that my born project was deleted for some reason, I'm not angry or anything. But wouldn't it be nice if we collect biodatas from several people. I did found a list of registered users.

    I sure would be happy if I knew why.

    Interesting things I found on other wikias:

    • Halo has a live chat.
    • Phineas and Ferb: the cartoon which I don't even like has 1 edit per 2-3 minutes.
    • Necromorphs are put on the Alien species wiki. Except in there, they say Necromorphs can only be killed by decapitating them. They were wrong....
    • So far we're the only wiki with a dark background/skin.
    • Fallout (if i'm not mistaken) has 1.5 million regi…
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    My exams are coming!!!! It's like it was a week ago and now it's tomorrow. (moans) again. And my mood isn't helping either. I'll just do this in a list way.

    • Moody and it's not caffeins fault.

    I fell so moody today!!! Not to mention my slight fever. It had to happen today... Umhhh maybe I'll have some chocolate!!! And that's what I did. I finished up a kit kat bites and another kit kat chunky bars. Awesome... and later on I had a headache which gradually worsen a massive nausea ( i'd like to call that loss in mood of reading...)

    • Colliding supernova of books...

    It's a little different if you live in a muslim country. Because we have two separate schools. Basic knowledge and a must our religous school. Lately the exams are colli…

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    Here are several things I'd like to add about my country. I suddenly felt umhhh.... boasting. But it's not that. I just want tell you guys that we Bruneians are the same people just like canadians and africans, but as a Bruneian myself I felt like I lived in a barbaric world. Hence these are several notes. Also with pros and cons

    Bad Things

    • Bruneians are ranked in the top 10 most fanatic countries.
    • We eat with our hands.
    • Bruneians don't easily changed their routines. Exams are coming and all I see are my friends are with tibia on their faces. I just hope they have macular degeneration.
    • No one even knows what sarcasm is...
    • We have no or little respect to our teachers.
    • I hate girls... Not necessarily though, some of them are my closest. Due to adv…
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