It is assumed that necromorphs can see,hear,and feel things. But is it really possible?

Thinking about it, much of the brain is damaged during the transformation, and what isn't, is presume non functional. And of course, you need a brain to see,hear, and touch.

What proof do we have that they have these sense? For one, several times some one says "Keep it down, they'll hear us!" of course how could they know whether or not they can hear?

Heres a good point: *Spoiler Alert* when you see through Mcneils eyes at the end of Dead Space Extraction (When hes a slasher) He can see Lexine, as well as hear her scream in terror.

Also, the stalkers would most likely be unable to communicate with out being able to hear.

Necromorphs often seem to grunt every time you injure them. they also probaly feel.

Some necromorphs don't seem to have any brain, atleast in their head, at all. This is true for the Exploder, who nust see isaac to chase him around,drag tenacle, who can somehow "sense" him from a good distance, the infector, who chases him, the puker(they seem to have empty eye socket, which probaly means the brain was either put to use somewhere else or turned to mush) the swarmer,(they are VERY small and so thin they likely don't have any brain at all) that also chase isaac (lol alot of chasing!) so how do they do this? The infection may have its very own system to create a whole new brain or something that functions like it, but it would have to be very advance. And ears are very delicate and fragile. It would be hard to replicate a system that works like this. Many necromorphs still have there ears intact, but the tiniest thing would break the hearing system.( Which further prooves to me that Stalkers are animals: they don't have the same ear structure) Also with touch,even when lopping off their legs, they seem to roar in pain. surley chopping off the legs would sever the spine and the nervous system wouldn't function.

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