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  • Maddyporter4639

    Stop SOPA

    January 19, 2012 by Maddyporter4639

    if you haven't been actively using the internet for a time, you may not have heard about Sopa/acta/pita. This is something devestating the internet. for more info visit google,, or wikipedia. Or watch this very helpful video.

    IF we don't help stop this, Facebook, Wkipedia,deviant art,twitter, and many other are in jeopardy. THis includes Dead space wiki.All of the hours of hard work put into this site will be obliterated if this passes. Get involved. sign the petition on Google.

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  • Maddyporter4639

    Necromorph senses?

    January 17, 2012 by Maddyporter4639

    It is assumed that necromorphs can see,hear,and feel things. But is it really possible?

    Thinking about it, much of the brain is damaged during the transformation, and what isn't, is presume non functional. And of course, you need a brain to see,hear, and touch.

    What proof do we have that they have these sense? For one, several times some one says "Keep it down, they'll hear us!" of course how could they know whether or not they can hear?

    Heres a good point: *Spoiler Alert* when you see through Mcneils eyes at the end of Dead Space Extraction (When hes a slasher) He can see Lexine, as well as hear her scream in terror.

    Also, the stalkers would most likely be unable to communicate with out being able to hear.

    Necromorphs often seem to grunt every…

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  • Maddyporter4639

    a type of divider

    January 16, 2012 by Maddyporter4639

    Heres just a thought. wouldn't it be neat to be walking down a hallway, critical health, and suddenly, out of the vent to your right, a corpse with its replaced by the head off of the dividers pops out and starts strangling you with its bare hands!?

    The "head" im talking about is the one that comes off the divider and tries to strangle isaac with its tentacles, and if succeeds, slices off his head and replaces it with itself. This is a favorite death scene for many dead space fans. So what if there was a necromorph who was a person who suffered the same fate as isacc in that death scene? it would make sense, surely someone encoutered this necromorph and died like that.

    Give me your opinion!

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  • Maddyporter4639

    stalkers = birds?

    January 16, 2012 by Maddyporter4639

    the mystery of the stalker is one brought up alot in the curious minds of dead space fans. I'm one of those who has put deep thought into this subject. Heres what i think: i think the stalker may be a large bird.

    Out of the Box? Crazy? Down right ridiculous? maye not.

    I personally think the struture looks alot like the structure of a bird. the skulls are somewhat simular, the arms are almost like wings, and the fact they actuallly communicate using vocal sounds are all small things leading to the possibillity of a bird. plus, we have the fact that Howard Phillips released his birds in the sprawl, free to go anywhere.

    of course, we also run into many promblems. one of the most notable ones is the fact that stalkers are much larger than many …

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  • Maddyporter4639


    February 4, 2011 by Maddyporter4639

    yay no school friday! only had school monday this week! i don't care anout making up. summers are hot and humid, its nice to be indoors alll day. in the winter though I just wanna be outside.playing in the snow is better than lugging aroung the yard. i actually hope we don't have Solo and Emsemble SAT. the roads are bad, and my g-mas a big b***** when the roads are does minimize boredom, though its still boring, if that makes since. glad haven't been going though, i still have

    i'm out.


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