• MT15

    DS4 fan plot idea

    April 2, 2013 by MT15

    The last seconds of sun reflected off the front glass and into his eyes right before the nearest moon covered it. Isaac Clarke watched in absolute horror as it happened, what he tried for so long to prevent, they’ve reached his home world. He could not see anything from space other than city lights across the face of the planet blacking out, but he could imagine the poor terrified men, women and children being hunted down and transformed into new pets of the Markers will. The nearest moon revealed its large tentacles crawling onto the shuttle, “Isaac! ISAAC! WAKE UP” Isaac was in a still stance from earth’s fate, having to be wakened by Carver. “Isaac wake the fuck up! We got to get to the pod while we actually have a chance! ISAAC” Clarke…

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  • MT15

    DS4 New Enemy Ideas

    April 1, 2013 by MT15



    “Security Guards”: A numerous group of    fleshy skinned(like The Hunter) Arachnid like Necromorphs

    That move across thick lines of corruption(that looks like webbing) all over a room or area. If the player should touch these lines the Security Guards shall feel the vibration(Similar to how real spiders sense food with webbing) and they shall come out of vents and down from ceilings to ambush Isaac and/or Carver.

    Co-Op Tap Sequence: Should it come to this the SG will pin the player to the ground and try to hit Isaac in the head with its 2 front legs forcing him to shrug left to right for dodging.

    If carver fails to help Isaac in time the SG will push both its 2 front legs towards both sides of Isaacs head(Almost pinching …

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