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    Dead Space: Rebirth

    March 17, 2012 by Lobsterpwn36

    Chapter 1: An Important Decision

    Taking place while Isaac is on his way to find Daina.. Located on the sprawl (Titan). Isaac was on his way to find Daina, a mysterious woman who had contacted him and told him she wanted to help him, when he got a call on his rig, it was Stross. Stross warned Isaac he needed to come with him to destroy the marker. Diana however had warned Isaac that Stross was a psychopath, so Isaac disregarded his message.

    Isaac needed to find a medpack because he was nearing the verge of death. He scavenged a medpack and his health increased. He saw 2 brutes and blasted away with his force gun, dismembering them completely. Isaac was concerned and worried though, he had no idea who this Daina person was anyway.

    He pondered his sit…

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    Ribirth, a new fan fiction will be added to my page soon. It tells a tale where Isaac and Ellie join forces after deciding not to follow Diana's route. Things go wrong, and Isaac undergoes a gruesome rebirth putting ellies love to the ultimate test! Check on my page in a month or so for the story.


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    New Fan Fiction Coming

    November 26, 2011 by Lobsterpwn36

    Rebirth, a new fan fiction will be added to my page shortly. It is about Isaac and Ellie joining forces after deciding not to follow Ellies route. Things go wrong and Isaac undergoes a rebirth putting Ellies love to the true test!

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