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    No matter how many ways you spin it (Epilogue, Companion Piece, Side Story, Side Quest), Dead Space 3: Awakened is the official ending of Dead Space 3. The reasons as to why it wasn’t put into the game are clearer than say something like Severed, a DLC which had the potential to be an entirely new game on its own, I’m not surprised that reason the other Moons can suddenly communicate from a great distance despite the lack of connection with the dead Moon of Tau Volantis ultimately boils down to “Because Reasons”.

    And let's not go into how a two hundred year old ship that's been bombarded to kingdom come by remote mines, ravaged by the wares of space and arguably too damaged to move, is how some still able function and travel through deep space.…

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  • Lily Ford

    Written by Ian Edginton with artwork by Christopher Shy (or “Ronin” as he’s colloquially known), “Dead Space: Liberation” takes place before the events of “Dead Space 3”, introducing readers and fans to the characters John Carver, Robert Norton and Jacob Danik. However, not only does it fail in setting up events, it creates several contradictions in regards to the storyline and the characters.

    WARNING: This review goes into great detail about the story, so there will be spoilers here.

    "Dead Space: Liberation" has the unfortunate fate of being a novel-level story confined to a graphic novel. To put it simply, it is the epitome of something that feels hastily rushed and poorly put together. As it stands, it doesn't elaborate on anything "Dead S…

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  • Lily Ford

    So, there's this obscure Dead Space fansite-forum you probably never heard of. I won't hold my breath for her return, however.

    So the experience of having my question(s) answered by someone involved with the production of the game was quite thrilling for the entire day. I actually meant to post a rumination here yesterday (had a blueprint for my thoughts all planned out), then I caught a case of the headache and just took a very long nap until the sun came up. By this point, I kinda just decided not to be longwinded and just get to the point.

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  • Lily Ford
    WARNING: THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THESE HILLS. Turn back if you don't want to be spoiled.

    Dead Space 3 is the third installment of a once new IP that debuted in 2008, inspired by the likes of Paul W.S. Anderson’s “Event Horizon (1997)”, John Carpenter’s “The Thing (1981)” and Irrational Games’ “System Shock 2”. Not unlike Capcom’s “Resident Evil 4 (2005)” or Frictional Games’s “Penumbra: Overture (2007)” (or anything by Frictional Games, really), it was considered as a kind of return to the dying or slumped “Survival Horror” genre to the console. At its core, however, Dead Space is very much like "Resident Evil 4", 5 and 6; a “Third Person Action-Horror Shooter” with “gorror” elements.

    There’s something to be said about a game that manages to st…

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