It is once again paradise for football (soccer) fans, especially for Europeans. Though I myself am not European per se, I am delighted by the competition, and I especially love that many Americans care about the tournament; whenever Americans get into football it's a miracle and makes Europe and other football-obsessed regions very giddy.

I don't know how many Europeans are regulars here, besides fellow admin Noemon, a fellow of the Hellenic region of the Byzantine Empire. I am inclined to root for Greece as long as they're not playing Zuid Afrika or maybe Den Nederlanden, as I am 1/3 Greek.

As I type I am watching France vs England and it is 1-1 61:00 into the match. I am indeed rooting for the English in this one.

If anyone cares to throw in their two cents, please do so. Do you have a vested interest in a nation/team? What are you predictions, and on a scale from 1 to 10, how terrible are Ireland?

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