With Severed coming out soon I know I'm hoping for some new story material and hopefully some helpful clarification. I hope to have some new developments regarding Lexine's specialness, and given her being of great interest to Unitologist brass, I guess you could call them, I'm sure they'll be involved.

I'm pretty confident that Visceral plans to release more than one story-DLC; at least one more, so what would you like explicated via DLC? Knowing Dead Space, Visceral will likely just introduce some new info that makes us all crazier as we try to piece together what it means in relations to everything else we have held together with metaphorical tape, but if they actually clarify something, what would you like that to be?

Personally, I'd like a text log listing all 12 Marker sites with a short paragraph regarding their status: location, age, properties, anomalies if applicable. Yup, just a log. Not asking for much so I'm less likely to be disappointed.

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